Lumberjack Beard vs Hipster Beard

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Lumberjack beard vs Hipster beard?

Yes, this is a lumberjack beard vs Hipster beard, the tip off is the ax. Or axe. All told, I think it would be scary weird to see a hipster in Starbucks with an axe. However, in that I almost go to that coffee joint, maybe that’s a thing? Years ago, had you asked me, I would have said a million times no that men would dress in elf shoes and skinny jeans. Why would any man want to look like a chick? So, they added lumberjack beards to offset the femininity cache. I think, anyway.

Ways to Tell them Apart

If they are in Starbucks, likely hipster. However, skinny latte? Definite hipster.
Follow them into the restroom. Did they slide into the ladies room? Hipster. If they sit to pee, hipster.
If they drive anything but a pickup, you may be dealing with a hipster. Prius? Definitely not a lumberjack.
If they smell of hard work, sweat, and grime, lumberjack. If they work at Starbucks, hipster.
Vape? Hipster. Marlboro reds, lumberjack.
Elf shoes and skinny jeans? Definite hipster. Work boots and jeans, may be a lumberjack. See if they cross their legs “dainty style.”
Beer? Probably a lumber dude. Appletini? Hipster, for sure.
So now, I’m sure there more, but do I really need to pound this home?

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Facial hair or no facial hair? 🧐 Beard or no beard? What do women want? 🤨

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