Keith Richards Aging Challenge

January 15, 2019 by No Comments

Keith Richards Aging Challenge Champ

Keith Richards aging, seems to me an oxymoronic combination of three words. This guy is like the Twilight Zone episode, Long Live Walter Jameson, Keith doesn’t age.

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#longlivewalterjameson Walter Jameson, a college professor, is engaged to a young doctoral student named Susanna Kittridge. Susanna’s father, Sam Kittridge, another professor at Jameson’s college, becomes suspicious of Jameson because he does not appear to have aged in the twelve years they have known each other and seems to have unrealistically detailed knowledge of some pieces of history that do not appear in texts. Jameson at one point reads from an original Civil War diary in his possession. Later, Kittridge recognizes Jameson in a Mathew Brady Civil War photograph. #kevinmccarthy #thetwilightzone #rqn #requination

♬ original sound – Requination

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Keith Richards Aging Challenge

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