Funny Christmas Fails Video

December 19, 2014 by 1 Comment

Funny Christmas Fails Video

This is the funny Christmas fails video. We’ve all had the holiday season from hell, and various Christmas fails, it happens, it’s part of life. So, here, you can laugh at these peoples misfortune.

If you’ve been lucky enough to not have any Christmas fails, and we all know that is not possible, then you can revel in these people’s fails, or if you’;re like the rest of us sit back and enjoy other’s fails for a change. We’ve had a few holiday season fails, such as a family member vomiting on the holiday turkey at dinner, and others as well. Not all always goes according to plan, as this compilation video shows. Music it too lous and annoying, sorry, we didn’t pick it or place it, just warning you.


When the first day of Christmas goes wrong #christmas #fire #gonewrong

♬ original sound – Trinity Nguyen

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