Disturbing Santa

December 22, 2014 by 1 Comment

Disturbing Santa

There are few things that are more wrong for Christmas than the image of Disturbing Santa. How many ways is this wrong? Lets start by looking at this scene through the eyes of little Billy. A million Santa’s in one place, suspicious, wavering belief in Santa begins. Budweiser can in hand, though it is the right color for Christmas, Billy thinks, “Why that’s just what daddy holds before he fights with mommy!” Open frock coat, ah Santa, that ought never happen, and you, OMG! Loin cloth Santa? And a freaky loin cloth at that? AND you obviously did a little manscaping downstairs too? What’s with the backpack? Where ya going Santa? And lastly, the look on Santa’s face. It looks like drinking, half naked, freshly shaved, loin cloth wearing, back packing Santa is mad dogging someone else, meaning a possible disturbing Santa fight!


🎅 I wouldn’t want any of these Santa coming to my house! 🎅 #Santa #christmas #scarysanta #creepysanta #scary #horror #merrychristmas

♬ The Last Ghost Standing – Scary sounds

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