Bieber’s Biggest Fan

February 3, 2015 by No Comments

Bieber’s Biggest Fan

Could this be Bieber’s Biggest Fan? I wouldn’t be surprised. Ok, a little surprised, but not overly. Bet you thought that Bieber’s biggest fan was a young girl, and, well, you may be partially right. Young? No. Girl? Meh. Well, if the large pearls are any indication… maybe?
Richard Simmons is actually a pretty funny guy, by the way. If you ever saw him on Who’s Line is it Anyway a few years ago you’d know that is a true statement. The man had seasoned comics in stitches, rolling around on the floor in his single sketch. He came on and slayed them. His taste in music though, I have no idea at all. Bieber fan? Could be. He could also absolutely hate the Beebs.

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