Awkward Christmas Family Tree

December 18, 2014 by 1 Comment

Awkward Christmas Tree Family

How does one not feel like a goofball doing an awkward christmas family tree picture? Cute as the kids are, wow, but you know, they’ll look back in 40 years and think, good times. I really have nothing snarky to add, dammit. Well, twist my arm. The lights? Dorky idea. Bet that was dad’s touch. And the green shirts, and stacking to look like a tree? Awkward. Bottom left kid is not having near as much fun as the others, but the kid on top is having a full on blast!


Heather Henderson sings “I Can’t Wait For Christmas…To Be Over,” a song for everyone who’s been through the most wonderful time of the year once or twice too often. Lyrics by Dave Edison, music by Robert Sprayberry, photos by the internet. #Christmas #Xmas #IHateChristmas #IHateChristmasMusic #BahHumbug #Season #Holidays #AwkwardChristmasPhotos #AwkwardFamilyPhotos #ChristmasTree #Decorations #FYP

♬ original sound – Heather Henderson 🦋

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