Donald Trump Speech Excerpt

Donald Trump Speech Excerpt

This Donald Trump Speech excerpt is from back when he was running for office. Heck, he didn’t even have the nomination yet. Nomination, sounds like something Godzilla does…

In this excerpt, he shows us what the presumptive republican nominee has to say, and more importantly, how he carries his dignity before the masses.

Donald Trump Speech Excerpt

I’m really not sure how it got turned sideways, except maybe it’s from an old Batman episode.
Anyway, all of you who think we’re biased one way or another, phooey on you!

You know, since this was originally posted in the way-back-when, this guy has improved the economy, lowered unemployment, and beaten the Russiagate wrap. Pretty amazing. I’m sure he’s say somersetting like “No one runs a country better than me… I’m the best at running a country.” and, somewhere in the white house at this moment, he’s reading this and nodding thoughtfully…

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