Valentines Day Gift – Crabs Keep Giving

January 9, 2015 by No Comments

Valentines Day Gift – Crabs

This is a heck of a Valentines Day gift! Yep, get 25% off and give the gift that keeps giving and captures his or her attention fully and completely! The way I understand it is you haven’t lived until you have had this gift. This gift will vie for your attention both day and night, you’ll awake with appreciation for it, and you’ll fall asleep with it very much on your mind. But wait, there’s more, they’ll throw in a coupon for 10 cents off salve and a razor for no additional charge! Wow, call 1800 itching me in the next 10 minuted and the air you breathe is FREE!

Exciting Kitchen Items

Fire TV Stick 4K ad image on the funny Valentines Day Gift post


No hairtok today, just #crabtok 🦀- my BF & I celebrate #valentinesday every year with crab & champagne in front of the TV and we wanted to share our favorite way to open up crab legs. We’ve been using this hack for years! #crablegs #alaskankingcrab #crabsgonewild

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