Things to Try On An Elevator

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Try On An Elevator

Things to try on an elevator. This is a funny list of things that you know someone out there is doing right now. Maybe not the “Call me Admiral” thing, but possibly.

While a little light-hearted fun can be entertaining, always remember to be respectful of others and not make anyone feel uncomfortable or unsafe. With that in mind, here are some funny (and harmless) things you can try on an elevator:

The list

  1. Narrator Mode: Pretend you’re narrating a nature documentary. “Here we see the humans, in their native elevator habitat, pressing buttons to determine their desired floor. Note the subtle side-eye from the individual in the back. Fascinating.”
  2. Time Traveler: Stare at the buttons in confusion and then ask someone, “What year is it? And what is this contraption?”
  3. DJ Elevator: Bring a small radio or speaker and when someone gets on, ask them for a song request, then play some elevator music.
  4. Group Stretch: Suddenly announce, “It’s stretch time!” and start doing some light stretches. See if anyone joins you.
  5. Personal Space: Instead of standing facing the door, face the other people. When they look at you weirdly, just say, “I like to change perspectives.”
  6. Shoe Tie Alert: Whisper to the person next to you, “Your shoe’s untied.” Even if it’s not. When they look down, just smile and say, “Made you look!”
  7. Captain Elevator: Stand facing everyone and pretend you’re the captain of a ship. “Next stop, Floor 5. Please keep your hands and feet inside the elevator at all times.”
  8. Yoga Time: Start doing a simple yoga pose and claim it helps with the “elevator anxiety.”
  9. Voiceover: Pretend to do voiceovers for everyone’s thoughts. “Guy in the corner thinks, ‘I hope no one notices I hit the wrong floor button.'”
  10. Sound Effects: Make a “ding” sound right before the elevator does when reaching a floor.

Remember, the idea is to add a little humor to someone’s day, not to make them feel trapped or uncomfortable. Always gauge the situation and the people you’re with. If you sense anyone is not enjoying the moment, it’s best to stop and be respectful.


I tried the worlds scariest elevator

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