Time Changes: This Hoax is Still a Thing?

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Why Are Time Changes Still a Thing?

Navigating the Temporal Twilight Zone

The semi-annual tradition that boggles the mind and bewilders the body clock: time changes. Why are time changes still a thing? They are moments so ingrained in our calendars that we might just believe it was one of the fundamental forces of the universe, like gravity or the inexplicable appeal of cat videos. In the glittering age of technological marvels, where cars are learning to drive themselves and watches can tell us how poor our sleep was, we still collectively participate in the chronological hokey pokey known as “spring forward” and “fall back.” But why, oh why, are time changes still a thing?

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The Great Temporal Shuffle

Twice a year, in a ritual as predictable as it is loathed, we either lose an hour of our beloved sleep or gain an extra one that we have no idea what to do with. This is the time change, folks – humankind’s daring attempt to control the sun, like a cosmic game of Simon Says with Mother Nature.

“Spring forward,” they say, and we dutifully advance our clocks, arriving groggy and confused to our Monday morning commitments. “Fall back,” they command, and we obediently wind back, somehow feeling just as groggy and even more confused. In spring, we stumble around like caffeine-deprived zombies. In fall, we bask in the glory of an additional 60 minutes of slumber, only to realize it’s dark by lunchtime and our inner night owl is thoroughly disoriented.

Why are time changes still a thing image

Why are time changes still a thing?

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Hour

Let’s ponder the springtime leap forward. They say you lose an hour of sleep, but where does it go? Does it migrate south for the winter, only to come back with a tan, souvenirs, and stories we’ll never get to hear? Or is it hoarded by time bandits in a top-secret location, along with all those mismatched socks and lost pens? The world may never know.

And let’s not gloss over the obvious: when we “gain” that hour in the fall, are we really winning? It’s not like we find an extra hour folded neatly in our dresser drawer, waiting to be spent on long-neglected hobbies or additional Netflix binges. No, it’s just the same old hour that we lost, a bit worn out from its travels and not nearly as exciting as we remember.

The Siesta That Never Was

As we grapple with this bizarre temporal tango, it’s important to acknowledge the real victim here: our sleep patterns. Who among us hasn’t felt the cruel sting of the clock leaping forward, snatching away our sweet, sweet rest? And when we regain that hour, does our circadian rhythm throw a party? Hardly. It’s too confused, wondering if it’s time for breakfast or a midnight snack.

This disruption is so universal that it unites entire nations in a shared experience of grogginess. On the Monday after the time change, society seems to move in slow motion, a collective expression of “What year is it?” on every drowsy face. Truly, a more effective method of bonding humanity has yet to be found.

The Productivity Charade

Let’s talk about the alleged purpose behind this chronological chaos: saving energy and increasing productivity. Yes, because when I think of high efficiency, the first thing that comes to mind is a legion of sleep-deprived individuals bumping into furniture and forgetting their passwords.

The idea that shifting the clocks an hour magically creates more daylight and thus more productivity is a charming relic of the past, akin to believing that wearing striped socks will make you run faster. Sure, there’s more light in the evening, but at what cost? The cost of millions of people typing “How to make coffee” into search engines because their brains can’t function pre-dawn.

The Eternal Question: Why the time changes?

time changes - jumbled time

Time changes – jumbled time

The time change is akin to your appendix: a vestigial remnant of a bygone era. Originally concocted to save candle wax or to make farmers smile (the history is a bit fuzzy), it now serves as a biannual reminder that time is an illusion and we are but pawns in its game.

It’s as if Father Time decided to play a practical joke on us, and we’ve just sort of gone along with it because… well, it’s tradition. And we all know that if it’s tradition, it must be important, like wearing hats to weddings or arguing with relatives over politics during the holidays.

Why the huge hoax? For farmers? Farmers are not stupid. For their cows? No, because cows are stupid. For productivity? No, because it’s been proven productivity drops off. Then what? Control. The hoax is to control your behavior, just like they did with Covid Quarantines.

The Sleepyhead’s Rebellion

What if we just… didn’t? What if, en masse, we collectively decided to ignore the time change and lived as if nothing happened? Picture the chaos. Meetings attended an hour early or late. Trains standing empty. TV shows missed and spoilers rampant across social media. It would be anarchy. Beautiful, sleepy anarchy.

But alas, we are creatures of habit. We adjust our clocks because the little voice in our phone tells us to. We follow the herd, bleary-eyed and in dire need of a nap, because that’s what we’ve always done. And who are we to argue with our smartphones? They know everything.

In Conclusion: Embrace the Absurdity of Time changes

As we navigate the silliness of the time changes, let us do so with a sense of humor and the knowledge that this, too, shall pass (and then come back, and then pass again). We can take solace in the fact that while we may not understand the whys and the hows, we’re all in this temporal muddle together.

So, when you next “spring forward,” think of it as a leap into a brief adventure in time travel. And when you “fall back,” consider it a chance to relive your favorite hour of the past – perhaps that golden moment when you first realized that time changes are, indeed, the universe’s way of keeping us on our toes.

Until the powers that be decide that the time change is as outdated as dial-up internet and retire it to the annals of quirky history, let’s laugh at the absurdity. Because if you can’t beat the chronology, you might as well tick tock in stride with a smile on your face. And an extra cup of coffee in hand – you’re going to need it.


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