Thanksgiving snacks – Filling pre-dinner

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Thanksgiving Snacks

Squirrel image, when you fill up on the thanksgiving snacks, then they bring out the turkey and stuffing. This happens every day, sometimes it’s chips and salsa, or devilled eggs, cold cuts.

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The Stuffed Saga: A Thanksgiving Tale of Snack Overload

It’s a tale as old as time, or at least as old as Thanksgiving itself. You arrive at the family gathering, your stomach rumbling like a pre-dinner drumroll. The scents of sage and rosemary are wafting through the air, promising a feast of epic proportions. But beware, for there is a twist in this holiday tale, a fiendish plot twist known as the Thanksgiving Snack Spread. Let’s gobble our way through the story of when Thanksgiving snacks are not just the opening act, but the show-stealer.

The Opening Act: The Snack Sneak Attack

  • The Lure of the Finger Food: They’re bite-sized, they’re delicious, and they’re everywhere. From the cheese platters with a gravitational pull to the bowl of seasoned nuts that seems bottomless, Thanksgiving snacks are the ultimate Trojan horse of hunger.
  • The Dip Dilemma: Is there anything more inviting than a creamy spinach artichoke dip? One minute you’re “just trying a bit,” and the next, you’ve inadvertently eaten your body weight in chips and dip.
  • The Siren Call of Sweetness: Just when you think you’re safe, the dessert table lays out its wares early. Mini pumpkin pies and candied pecans sing a siren song, luring you onto the rocks of fullness before the main event.
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The Plot Thickens: Turkey Time Trepidation

  • The Surprise Entrance: There you are, cheeks bulging with the last cheese cube, when the room goes quiet. The turkey, golden and grand, makes its entrance like a starlet on the red carpet, and your stomach realizes… it’s showtime.
  • The Stuffing Stalemate: It’s not just the turkey; it’s the stuffing, the culinary companion that no bird should be without. You’ve played right into Thanksgiving’s hands – those snacks were just the appetizer, and now you’re facing a plateful of regret.
  • The Side Dish Seduction: Let’s not forget the battalion of side dishes that march out alongside the turkey. Each one is more tempting than the last, and you’re already plotting your strategic eating plan. It’s a game of gastronomic chess, and you’re the king about to be toppled.

The Resolution: Feast or Famine

  • The Tactical Retreat: Do you admit defeat and wave the white napkin? Or do you forge ahead, unbuckle the belt, and make room for the main attraction?
  • The Second Wind: Sometimes, just sometimes, the Thanksgiving miracle happens. A second wind gusts through the dining room, and you find the strength to tackle that turkey like a champ.
  • The Social Media Save: When all else fails, turn your predicament into a post. Snap a picture, hashtag it with #ThanksgivingSnackAttack, and watch the commiseration and likes roll in. Your folly becomes your fame.

In conclusion, dear feasters, as you navigate the perilous waters of Thanksgiving snacks this year, may your willpower be strong, and your stretchy pants be stronger. Share your tales of snack triumphs and turkey tribulations, and let us unite in the bond of over-indulgence. For it’s not just a meal; it’s Thanksgiving – the one day a year when stuffing yourself is not only accepted, it’s expected. Now, pass the gravy and let the memes begin!


Thanksgiving side idea. Im literally having it as a snack tonight. Call it #girldinner #thanksandgiving

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