Sad Sack Valentines Day

Sad Sack Valentines Day Now this, be definition, is a sad sack Valentines day, complete with a pity party! View the whole gallery at Hey, if whatever you’re doing isn’t working out for you, maybe it’s time to try something different? Just saying. Stop chasing? Stop looking in others windows? Hey, here’s a thought, don’t … Read more

Believe It

Believe It For your own sake, you better believe it! View the whole gallery at Aren’t old couples magical? I don’t mean like watching them snuggle, kiss, or worse, nobody want to see that. What I mean is the fact that after many years, decades even, they are still so very much in love. Maybe it’s … Read more

Dirty Candy Hearts

Dirty Candy Hearts Didn’t you just KNOW that somebody, some smart entrepreneur would come out with something like dirty candy hearts? Taking something from our innocent childhood memories and making it filthy? And you know what, I love it! View the whole gallery at That tripe, silly captions on the originals usually made little to … Read more

Valentines Day Cry

Valentines Day Cry Dude, cowboy up! No you cannot have a Valentines Day cry! The other thing, well, just keep it classy and keep it private! View the whole gallery at Don’t we all know someone like this? You know they cry themselves top sleep and wank it every chance they get. Sad, pathetic, but … Read more

Satisfied Valentines Day

Satisfied Valentines Day According to this, a satisfied Valentines Day is  a myth for women. Own it guys, you all are a bunch of love lorn suckers, lolololol! What does she really want? View the whole gallery at That’s right, and unless you can pull off that neat trick, that appreciative smile? Fake. The gratitude? … Read more

Blonde Valentines

Blonde Valentines Ah yes, even blondes celebrate Valentines Day, so of course there’s a Blonde Valentines meme. Of course for blondes most any day is a day of love. Say, how do Blondes like their eggs the morning after Valentines day? Fertilized. View the whole gallery at So yes, this woman is asking if the pre-dandelion … Read more

Redneck Valentines

Redneck Valentines There here’s a Redneck Valentines presentation, yall. Same would work with small cans of PBR too, but with a shorter shelf life. View the whole gallery at I don’t know why Rednecks get pegged as Jack Daniels drinkers beyond that the beverage is made in the south. Plenty of other regular folks drink this … Read more

Valentines Day Patrick

Valentines Day Patrick Awwww, Valentines Day Patrick is so….thoughtful. Maybe not the sharpest, tool in the shed, and he certainly lack eloquence, but hey, he’s a frigging starfish, so yeah. They aren’t known for their brains. View the whole gallery at So if Patrick were to be giving out a Valentines Day card or box … Read more

Valentines Day Siri

Valentines Day Siri

Valentines Day Siri
Valentines Day Siri

Here is Valentines Day Siri being a sassy smart ass again. There are times Siri.

I don’t know how many of you, or how many times, if any, you folks have gotten a smart ass reply from Siri, but I have had my fair share, none as sharp as valentines day Siri. My first iPad, before I broke it, had a Wickedly smart ass Siri, and I loved to taught the a-hole, but when I got my replacement iPad I found it rather dull and grew tired quickly of it. I don’t know for certain if there are different levels of Siri Sass, but I suspect there are. I’d also compare Siri’s responses to my Android bot’s responses, and even replacement dull Siri was way more sass from even the dullard Siri.