Can I has

Can I has Can I has cat has lost his digniteh. Or dignity, whatever Can I has mai digniteh back? Cats are all the internet rage, espcially after captioned talking cats took to the surf a few years ago with the whole Cheezburger thing. Quite a sensation considering cats are anti-social beings. Maybe their being … Read more

Whip It Santa

Whip it Santa Funny Christmas cartoon of a reindeer liking being whipped by Santa, titled Whip It Santa. I absolutely love Santa’s what the hell expression. I suppose this brings a whole new meaning to s&M, that being Santa Masochism, but didn’t we already know Santa was a little off? The clothing, the beard, the … Read more

First World Santa

First World Santa

Oh, the problems and blessings of living in the first world. Even Santa can cause a guilt trip.

First World Santa

This Santa cartoon meme is sarcasm at it’s best. Santa Claus seems to only give free toys to first world countries, a douche bag move if ever, so much so he even has the standard issue douche hat on in this picture. However, let’s stop and think: Christmas and Santa Claus is a Christian notion, so is it that the first world countries tend to be mostly Christian, or is he just being an a-hole. I’m pretty sure it’s the former, not the latter, but I suppose it could go either way. I mean he enslaves elves, so, yeah.

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