Water Facts

Water Facts If these water facts don’t scare you and set you straight, nothing will. Every person who has ever drank water, without exception, has DIED!!!

Happy Everything Now Leave Me Alone

Happy Everything Happy everything! Wouldn’t it be nice to just get them all out of the way at once? Yet, it is nice that holidays are sprinkled though out the year, giving us time to spend with loved ones. Christmas, Hanukkah, 4th of July, Valentines day, Presidents Day, so many holidays and faux holidays created … Read more

Redneck Twerk

Redneck Twerk Redneck Twerk: that is a set of words that can bring to mind all sorts of odd depravity, a sobering, shudder inducing proposition, but in this case it is Twerk defined by a redneck. Okay, so his definition of that phrase isn’t so bad after all. Stupid, but it could have been much … Read more

Funny Bathroom Sign

Funny bathroom sign This funny bathroom sign makes you wonder how that works and what sort of establishment this is. You know, there was a time when taking photos in a public bathroom would be considered weird, but the sign definitely trumps that. I don’t know if I want to make friends in the bathroom. … Read more

Redneck Family Quad

A Redneck Family Quad Hey there Cletus, need to take Mable and Zeke with ya? Take the redneck family quad! Just strap a couch on the quad and there you go. Thinking these could be on the market someday. Balance it out right and no problem at all hauling the family down to the quickie … Read more

Redneck Mixer

Mixer for Rednecks

Redneck mixer
Redneck mixer

This is a picture of a redneck mixer. How do I know it is a redneck mixer? Normal people have special, made for the machine mixer blades, but this is using a pair of scissors in place of the stock blades. This is a great indication that a redneck is behind it. Better still is that the scissors are driven by a freakin drill! Redneck alert! You know what though? It works, and it’s pure genius if you can not find the regular mixer. What I don’t know is wtf suklaamousse is. Is it a play on the french ?suk le? Or some other weird play on words? Maybe it’s a totally fictitious products? Looking it up now…please wait…
“Suklaamousse? Suklaamousse? Will you do the fandango?” no, that’s not it. Ah, oh, it’s the name of a Finnish chocolate mousse product. So now we can conclusively prove in the Laughshop pages that rednecks reside in the US, as well as in Sweden and Finland for sure. Probably a whole lot of other places too. We’ll keep looking 🙂