Please Don’t Funny Sign

Please Don’t Funny Sign Some things just don’t translate eloquently, like this sign that says Please Don’t Poo and Urinate Everywhere. Seeing as this looks to be on a chain link fence around a grassy area, like a park or a school, my first concern is why the need for this sign in the first … Read more

Hooking Not Allowed

Hooking Not Allowed Hooking Not Allowed! Unemployment rises while overall satisfaction drops? Are there hooking zones? This makes me wonder if sex here is ok as long as it is free. Really, there must have been some serious issues if this sign needed to be put up! I’ve seen cities that needed these signs in … Read more

Grab Me Now

Grab Me Now Grab Me Now while you can! The things that make you say “Oh thank heaven, for seven eleven.” Erm, oh, never mind. Funny how little tiny mis-spellings can SO change meanings, I mean, an innocuous sales sign becomes, well, pornographic almost. Many times this is done on purpose, but no, not in this … Read more

Redneck protester

Redneck protester

with a funny sign.

Redneck Protester Morans
Redneck Protester

I’m thinking the redneck protester may have his doo rag a little too tight. What he meant to says is Get a BRIAN, Morans. I mean if you’re going to go to the trouble to make a sign which reveals your innermost dummy, why not go whole hog, give all nine yards, exceed everybody’s expectations, no? One must work very hard to be this dumb. Maybe it’s the mullet that is impacting this guy, and how come no one at this thing told they guy “Hey Zeke, it’s morons, not morans”? It could be (but I highly doubt it) they they are protesting a company or a family names Moran? Naw, he meant morons…
Strike 1, the spelling. Strike 2, the mullet. Strike 3, the doo rag. You sir are out of here!