Hillary Clinton News

Hillary Clinton News And now, with some Hillary Clinton News , it’s Hillary’s big secret! Is it that she’s packing? Uses the men’s room? Packing again? Or maybe that she’s fond of patriotic swim wear that makes one vomit into their mouths just a little? You decide. Personally, I don’t care one way or another … Read more

Afghanistan Women

Afghanistan Women

Meanwhile in Kabul, Afghanistan women set to sun in the latest swimwear.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan
Meanwhile in Afghanistan

Afghanistan women, can’t say enough about them. So mysterious. I’m only partly convinced that it’s women anyway, shoot, it could be two college boys, for all I know. Shooting a silly selfie. None-the-less, it drives the point home, lol.

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Veggie Named Reggie

Veggie Named Reggie The whole inanimate object as a carnal object thing is so bizarre, so it’s probably best keep this image away from that lady who has a “relationship” with a tree. We wouldn’t want “Bruce the Spruce” all heartwood broken should she cheat on him. The veggie named Reggie doesn’t like drama.

Mustache Fail

Mustache Fail If ever there was a mustache fail, this is it. Wft are you thinking?!? You know, even with a regular mustache, or whatever preceded this abomination, this guy isn’t a lady killer. Or maybe he literally is.  

Most Interesting Zombie

The Most Interesting Zombie in the World You’ve seen the Most Interesting Man in the world, and here is the Most Interesting Zombie in the world. Stay hungry my friends. Maybe this could also be called The Drinking Dead? Have you ever asked yourself, “What if the most interesting man in the world were cast … Read more

A Sipping Cola

A Sipping Cola Some colas are meant to be chugged, other sipped. This would maybe be a sipping cola? If you were forced to at gunpoint maybe? I’m thinking pee means something entirely different in Ghana. Then again, the entire label is in English, and the word pee, as far as I know, is pretty … Read more


Gayngsta Oh wow, gayngsta made me laugh much harder than it should have. The pose and the caption could not have been any more perfect for each other. Was he born this way, or is he a product of his environment? This is obviously captured at a party (see the red solo cups?) so he could … Read more