Friends Set In Tennessee

Friends set in Tennessee

Friends Set In Tennessee
Friends Set In Tennessee

Friends was set in New York City, at the characters apartments as well as at the coffee shop Central Perk (what a damned clever name!). Friends was iconic in so many ways. Story lines, the characters and situations made the show so very memorable.
However, what if the show had been set elsewhere? Say in the south, in a place like Tennessee? How much different would Friends have been with rednecks as the cast? How different would the story lines, the cast professions, the humor have been? Tennessee Friends, yes the idea is growing on me…
Sure, Monica Geller would still be a chef, erm, or caterer, or cook, whatever, at some diner, serving up her famous Kraft Mac and Cheese.
Phoebe would still be odd, but probably more in an Ellie May Clampett / Annie Oakley sort of way, “rastlin bears” and getting into blindfolded shooting contests. “Now y’all watch this. Hold my beer, k?”
Joey, well, he’d work as a postman, creeping on peoples houses with his trademark “How y’all doing,” and he’d moonlight as an aspiring Nashville star.
Ross, would be the gay auto mechanic, lovelorn, pining for Chandler.
Rachel, she’d work the hilariously filthy local dive bar come titty bar. It’s not really a titty bar, but. well, once in a while the girls just gotta let loose. Love that part.
That leaves Chandler, the Sheriff’s deputy. “Spit-ding. Ah hell, got it on my shirt again!” His love interest would of course be Janice, the way-too-much-make-up-worn-out-around-the-block-25,000-times bar fly. Her tag line would be “Oh Dear Lord, Chandler, Chandler Bing…”
And Central Perk? Fogettabouit, that would be something like The Well, or maybe The Wishing Well. And naturally at least once an episode one of the characters would wish to God they’d have a change of fortune, that would in some way turn out to be ironic. It’s be like Andy Griffith Show meets Mama’s Family.
You know something, I’d watch that show. Hey, producers, have your people call my people, we’ll do lunch.
“I’ll be there for y’all…”
Oh, and you Tennessee folks getting all riled up, I love the south. My family springs from the south. Just not from Tennessee…