Spermies Candy FAIL! Although I’m sure there subsets of folks that would delight in this product in certain areas of Read More

Eggs Fail Sign Look at that, would you, an Eggs Fail Sign. Embryos are babies right there with eggs for Read More

Duh Fail Definite duh fail, just turn the hat around dummy. Ever see a complete duh fail? We’ve all committed them, Read More

Camera Fail Can’t see on camera seven? Why not? Doh, a camera fail! You’d think they’d have thought this all Read More

Blonde Book Fail Look at you with your glasses, trying to look all smart, sure you’re reading. Blonde, book upside down, yeah, Read More

Blonde Fail Didn’t you just know it would be the blonde with the mic backwards? Typical blonde fail.

Funny Ship Name Titan Uranus FAIL! Titan Uranus is a funny ship name. Not often do you find a ship Read More