Shovel and Eat

January 15, 2015 by No Comments

Shovel and Eat

Love the idea of shoveling food, but I think I’d rather settle for something a little less… exotic.

Shovel and Eat image

Shovel and Eat

Right, so yet another example of not thinking the name out before committing to it. How the hell do you come up with the name, order it from a sign company, they make it, bring it, hang it, light it, customers see it, and nobody stops and says, hey owner person, you sure you like the name? you don’t want to stop a second and consider another name? You know, like Delicious Grub, or something? No, they just go on like drones. Violently shaking my head and laughing at this on my end.
Come on in, shovel and eat, My Dung is delicious!


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