Scooter Claus

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Scooter Claus – No Sleigh!

Santa Scoots, or Scooter Claus. My how things have changed…

Scooter Claus

Scooter Claus


Scooter Claus got his name as a child. Growing up at the North Pole, Scooter was a lonely boy with no one but the random and seldom visiting elf to play with. One of his favorite things to do was to imitate the family dog and scoot his butt on the bear skin rug in front of the fireplace, much to the mixed laughter and dismay of his folks, Billy Bob and Ethel Claus. Their child, Cletus Claus, thus earned the nickname Scooter, a name that stuck with him only among family and very close friends, the rest of the world knowing him as Santa Claus. Here is a rare picture of Scooter Claus mocking his nickname by riding his namesake.

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