Saturday Night Plans Less is More

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What are your Saturday Night Plans?

Like this cat image, when people ask me if I have Saturday night plans the answer is no, I know I’m staying in comfortable in a blanket. This happens when you get older.

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Remember the days when “Saturday night plans” meant squeezing into your tightest jeans, pre-gaming with an energy drink, and not coming home until the sun peeked over the horizon? Well, times have changed, friends. These days, the perfect Saturday night involves something more… swaddled. Let me introduce you to the trend that’s sweeping the nation: becoming a human burrito, much like the wise and serene cat in this picture, which has perfectly encapsulated our new definition of weekend bliss.

Saturday Night Plans: The Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing

The 21st century has given us a lot: smartphones, the ability to Google ‘how to adult’, and the universal acceptance that sometimes, the best Saturday night plans involve no plans at all.

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Here’s why less is more when it comes to painting the town red (or staying in and painting nothing at all):

  • Comfort is the New Black: Who needs nightclubs when you have Netflix? Why seek a DJ when your Spotify playlist never disappoints? Your couch doesn’t judge you for not wearing pants. That’s true love.
  • Food is Just Better at Home: Let’s face it, the best part about going out is the food, and now, delivery apps bring the magic to you. A burrito in hand, a cat on your lap, and thou – weekend goals.
  • Social Batteries Need Recharging Too: As you age, your social battery depletes faster than your phone’s. At 20%, it’s time to wrap yourself in the nearest blanket, decline all calls, and ascend to your final form: a snug, antisocial caterpillar.

The Evolution of Saturday Night Plans: From Club Hopping to Couch Flopping

  1. The Great Clothing Migration: Remember when Saturday attire meant glitter and heels? These days, the mere thought of skinny jeans sends us into a panic. Now, our attire screams ‘sherpa-lined’ and ‘elastic waistband.’
  2. Dance Floor to Door Dash: We used to dance the night away. Now, the only marathon we’re interested in involves TV episodes and a pizza tracker. We’re not lazy; we’re supporting local businesses from the comfort of our fortress of solitude.
  3. Social Life? More Like Social Media: Our definition of “hanging out” has shifted. Now, we scroll through social media, laughing at memes about people who still have the energy to leave their houses after 8 p.m.

So, if this picture of a cat wrapped up like a burrito resonates with you on a spiritual level, know that you are not alone. Share this article with those who understand the profound joy of cancelling plans.

But wait, there’s more! By following our website, you’re joining a community that celebrates humor, the quiet joys of introversion, the unadulterated pleasure of cancel culture (the good kind), and the fine art of saying, “Sorry, I have plans with my cat.”

Join us as we advocate for the perfect Saturday night: one that involves all the snugness of a cat in a blanket and none of the pressure of the social butterfly lifestyle. Share this if you’re also part of the ‘snug life,’ and let’s toast (with our mugs of tea) to the slow but steady revolution of staying in.

And next time someone asks about your Saturday night plans, just share this picture and say, “I’m following the path of enlightenment laid out by my sensei: the sage and swaddled cat.” Trust me, they’ll understand.



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