When Saturday Night Live Was Funny

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Saturday Night Live Was Funny

I’m so old I remember when Saturday Night Live was funny. And then it wasn’t. there was a time when the show was the epitome of comedy on television. It was a period when the airwaves were filled with the infectious laughter of audiences, genuinely entertained by a cast that was nothing short of legendary. Each Saturday night, we would gather around our TVs, eagerly anticipating the unique blend of satire, slapstick, and sketches that only SNL could deliver. The show was a cultural phenomenon, seamlessly blending topical humor with timeless wit.

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Back when SNL was good and funny! No offense to any people in New Jersey! My mom always jokingly said that our hair was like Rosanne Rosannadanna lol RIP Gilda Radner 🙏🏼#snl #funny #gildaradner #rosannerosanadanna

♬ original sound – Gumbeaux’s Mama Shannon ❤️

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