Satisfied Valentines Day Not Gonna Happen

February 2, 2015 by No Comments

A Myth? Satisfied Valentines Day

According to this, a satisfied Valentines Day is  a myth for women. Own it guys, you all are a bunch of love lorne suckers, lolololol! What does she really want? View the whole gallery at

That’s right, and unless you can pull off that neat trick, that appreciative smile? Fake. The gratitude? Fake. Unless diamonds were involved, that is. See, you’ve been huckstered by the corporate giants that it’s about consumerism, buying her things. Maybe you should focus on keeping mama happy year round? I know, impossible as well. Ok, just content yourselves with being gift buying schmucks just following a script.

Exciting Kitchen Items


i love how it turned out!! 💖🌸✨ #valentinesday #giftideas #organizedhome #organizing #aesthetic #satisfying #asmr #foryou

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