Sarcasm At Work saves lives

September 26, 2017 by No Comments

Sarcasm At Work

I use sarcasm at work because slapping the shit out of someone is frowned upon by management. True that, there can be trying days indeed.

Topic? Sarcasm in the workplace. Because let’s face it, what better way to communicate with your coworkers than by being passive aggressive and dripping with sarcasm? I mean, who needs clear and direct communication when you can just use a bunch of snarky comments to get your point across?

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When people at work keep asking dumb questions and you start to feel your inner sarcasm come out #work #worklife #workflow #workhumorūü§£ #workhumortosurvive #workcomedy #corporatehumor #officehumor #workmemes #workplacehumor

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