Hillbilly Redneck Thanksgiving: Rustic Grub!

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Hillbilly Redneck Thanksgiving

A Feast of Rustic Delights!

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Welcome, y’all, to the ultimate guide for hosting a Hillbilly Redneck Thanksgiving! Forget your fancy turducken and quinoa salads; we’re about to dive into a world of down-home cooking that’ll make your taste buds two-step with joy. So, grab your best flannel shirt, and let’s get started!

Exciting Kitchen Items

The Menu

1. Deep-Fried Turkey – The Star of the Show

Forget about that oven-roasted bird. We’re talkin’ about a turkey that’s been deep-fried to golden perfection. Just make sure you do it outdoors, ’cause we don’t want any of y’all to end up on the evening news for an indoor turkey frying fiasco.

2. Roadkill Stew – A Local Delicacy

Now, don’t y’all turn up your noses just yet. Grab whatever fresh roadkill you can find (preferably deer or rabbit), throw it in a pot with some potatoes, carrots, and whatever spices you got lyin’ around. Simmer it till it’s as tender as a mother’s love. All good hillbillies and redneck thanksgivings, shoot, ever day really, should have some good ol’ road kill stew. Therefore, keep your eyes on the road for safety, firstly, and dinner secondly.

3. Possum Pie – An Unexpected Treat

Don’t knock it till you try it! This savory pie is filled with tender possum meat, onions, and a hearty gravy. It’s a true hillbilly delicacy that’ll have your guests askin’ for seconds. On the other hand, Big Billy Bob may want thirds or fourths. Furthermore, it’s what they call paleo, and non Gee Emm Oh.

4. Corn on the Cob – With a Twist

Boil your corn in a pot of water mixed with a can of cheap beer. It adds a little somethin’ extra to the flavor. Plus, you can sip on the rest of the beer while you cook! Meanwhile, you can gaze on the festivities.

5. Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

No hillbilly feast is complete without some fluffy biscuits smothered in rich, creamy sausage gravy. It’s the perfect side to sop up all that deliciousness on your plate.

6. Moonshine-Infused Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce with a kick! Just mix your cranberries with a generous splash of homemade moonshine. It’ll make those family conversations a whole lot more interesting.

The Decor for a Redneck Thanksgiving

redneck thanksgiving

Decoratin’ for a Hillbilly Redneck Thanksgiving is all about using what you’ve got. Hang up some old fishing nets, use hubcaps for serving platters, and make sure there’s a comfortable recliner for grandpa to nap in after the feast.

The Entertainment

After you’ve had your fill, it’s time for some fun. Break out the banjos and harmonicas for a good ol’ fashioned jam session. And if you’re feelin’ adventurous, set up a turkey shoot in the backyard (safety first, y’all!). Banjo music, horseshoe throwing, and maybe a friendly turkey shoot (with water guns, of course).

The Invitations:

Send ’em out on the back of a feed store receipt – it’s resourceful and sets the tone for a good ol’ backwoods bash! Being as how few of your redneck friends, and even fewer of your hillbilly friend’s can cipher, that is, read and write, pay no nevermind. someone’s kid can read the invite to them, sho nuff. In additional, write them on paper napkins. No matter, they’ll know they been invited.

The Decor:

Your venue? The great outdoors, of course! String up some Christmas lights on the tractor, set up picnic tables, and don’t forget the centerpiece – a majestic, slightly rusty, barbecue grill. Moreover, bring out all the farm animals, they’re family too.

The Dress Code:

Redneck Thanksgiving Dress Code image

Redneck Thanksgiving Dress Code

It’s all about comfort and style – think overalls, camo hats, and boots that have seen more mud than a pig in a wallow. T-shirts are aceptable, encouraged even, especially Lynyrd Skynard Tees. And don’t forget the CAT caps. As a result, everyone will feel quite at home.

The Redneck Thanksgiving Feast:

Now, let’s talk turkey… or possum, if you’re feeling adventurous! Not even getting into side dishes here, shoot, on a redneck thanksgiving your guests kin bring ’em. Here are 10 ways you can cook a turkey, and works on squirrels and possums too, adjust your times accordingly.

1. Trash Can Turkey:

This method is as unusual as it sounds. You place a whole turkey on a stake in the ground and cover it with a metal trash can. The bird is then cooked by placing coals on top of and around the can. The result? A surprisingly moist and evenly cooked turkey. However, not being able to see it, I’d pass on this.

2. Beer Can Turkey:

Similar to beer can chicken, this involves standing the turkey up on a large can of beer (or two for stability) inside the grill or oven. The beer steams the turkey from the inside, infusing it with moisture and subtle flavor. On the other hand, does Budweiser Turkey sound good?

3. Deep Fried Turkey:

Here’s how:


Deep fried Turkey is the best I ever had! 🦃 #danosseasoning #turkey #thanksgiving #deepfried #deepfriedturkey

♬ Emotional (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP

Popular in the Southern United States, deep frying a turkey requires a large outdoor fryer and a lot of oil. The result is a crispy skin and juicy meat, but caution is key – this method can be dangerous if not done properly. Be very careful, ya hear!

4. Sous Vide Turkey:

For the tech-savvy and patient chefs, sous vide involves cooking the turkey in a temperature-controlled water bath for several hours. This method ensures perfectly cooked, tender meat. Additionally, this works on LOTS of meats.

5.Smoked Turkey:

Smoking a turkey over wood chips for several hours imparts a rich, smoky flavor. Different types of wood, like hickory, apple, or cherry, can add unique tastes. However, smoking a turkey does not mean you roll it into large zig zags.


A turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. Each layer is often separated by layers of stuffing. It’s a showstopper that requires intricate preparation but results in a multi-layered meat feast.

7. Grilled Turkey:

Splitting or spatchcocking the turkey and grilling it flattens the bird for faster, more even cooking. This method also adds a delightful charred flavor. Additionally, marinate it in citrus overnight and you have a poor mans El Turkey Loco.

8. Tandoori Turkey:

Marinate the turkey in a mix of yogurt and tandoori spices, then slow-roast it. This Indian-inspired method infuses the turkey with vibrant flavors and results in a stunningly colored bird. Now, you may be saying, what the heck do the India Indians know about a redneck thanksgiving, however, you know somewhere there are redneck Indians celebrating, and it mayhap be a redneck thanksgiving dinner!

9. Salt-Crusted Turkey:

Encase the turkey in a thick layer of salt dough before baking. The crust traps moisture, seasoning the meat while it cooks and resulting in a juicy, flavorful bird. Myself, not all that sure about this one, however.

10. Turkducken Roll:

A boneless version of the turducken, where turkey, duck, and chicken meats are layered with stuffing, rolled, and then roasted. It’s easier to carve than a traditional turducken and equally delicious. You can have your turkducken and eat it too.


  • Fried Green Tomatoes: Sliced thick and fried to a golden crisp. A hint of hot sauce is the secret! Additionally cooking this in lard adds some animal to it.
  • Dandelion Salad: Fresh from the yard, dressed with bacon grease and a dash of vinegar.

Main Course for a Jim Dandy Redneck Thanksgiving:

Turkey is a no brainer, so you rednecks got that, right? Here’s a couple more ideas (idears) for you: And who is Jim, and what makes him dandy?

  • Roadkill Surprise: Whatever critter didn’t make it across the road can make it to your plate. Cook it low and slow for best results. It ain’t gonna mind, it’s dead as a door stopper. However, be sure it’s right fresh.
  • Squirrel Pot Pie: A hillbilly classic! Toss in some wild mushrooms for that extra ‘oomph’. Splash in some of granny’s “medicine” too. however, not too much!


  • Cornbread Stuffing: With bits of jalapeno for a kick and cooked in a cast-iron skillet. A goodly addition you a redneck Thanksgiving dinner!
  • Canned Bean Medley: Because what’s more redneck than beans straight from a can? If you’re funny like that, you can heat them up, no one will think any less of you. You’re a redneck, after all.


  • Moonshine Apple Pie: Regular apple pie, but with a generous splash of homemade moonshine. As a matter of fact, granny’s medicine will similarly work. but don’t use the Listerine!
  • Twinkie Cake: Layered Twinkies, whipped cream, and more Twinkies. Because, why not? Unlike some hillbilly food, however, this is quite real. Check it out here. Yet this wedding cake also has ho hos and the like. And, y’all see how they dressed?


Keep it simple – a cooler full of beer and jugs of sweet tea. For the adventurous, there’s always moonshine.

Other Redneck Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes to Try:

  1. Squirrel Pot Pie:
    • Ingredients: 2 squirrels, cleaned and cut; mixed veggies; pie crust; spices.
    • Instructions: Boil squirrel until tender. Mix with veggies, place in crust, and bake until golden. Of cours this ain’t a dish you can pop into piggle wiggly for. Plan ahead, pard.
  2. Moonshine Apple Pie:
    • Ingredients: Apples, sugar, cinnamon, moonshine, pie crust.
    • Instructions: Mix apples with sugar, cinnamon, and moonshine. Place in crust, cover with top crust, and bake until bubbly. However, make sure the moonshine is safe, blindness sucks.


A Hillbilly Redneck Thanksgiving dinner is less about perfection and more about fun, family, and food that doesn’t take itself too seriously. So, embrace the spirit, enjoy the feast, and have yourself a wonderfully wacky Thanksgiving!

A Hillbilly Redneck Thanksgiving is all about good food, good company, and a whole lot of laughs. It’s about takin’ it easy, enjoyin’ the simple things, and most importantly, eatin’ till you’re about to burst. So, this Thanksgiving, why not add a little rustic charm to your celebration? Your stomach (and your funny bone) will thank you! 🦃🌽🥧

Remember, this is all in good fun, and we respect all lifestyles and traditions. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁🎉

That’s your humorous take on a Hillbilly Redneck Thanksgiving! Remember, this is a light-hearted and satirical article meant for entertainment. Enjoy the laughter and the unique culinary adventures!

Exciting Kitchen Items

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