Because Redneck Tattoo

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Because Redneck Tattoo

Funny redneck image of a tattoo. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and attribute things like this tattoo to, well, Because Redneck tattoo, that’s why. Does he knows that, erm, trim levels have changed to much shorter, erm, crops over the years?

Maybe it’s modeled after his mom. Ooooh, I mean girlfriend. Oooooh, same thing… I’m kidding. So, yeah, who but a redneck, and a seriously hammered one at that, would think this was a great idea? I mean, does he want equally drunk dudes stuffing their willies into his arm pit? Is that a thing in the fetish world? I ask because I have zero fetishes, and wouldn’t have a clue what to do with one if I had it.
You know, somewhere in the south wanders a woman with an armpit tattoo over her private junk. This guy’s soulmate.

Because redneck means that there simply is no other viable explanation. Example, why are they doing that? I dunno. Because redneck?


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