Because Redneck street fishing

February 11, 2015 by No Comments

Because Redneck street fishing

So Mayberry floods, what do you do? First you pull the front of the pickup onto the porch via the steps to prevent the engine and interior from being wrecked (pure genius I might add), then you break out the poles and tackle and do some Because Redneck street fishing.

This was some deep water, as you can tell by the street sign depth, so I’m thinking a levee broke, which means fish, sure enough. May as well fish from the porch, not much else going on.

Because redneck means that there simply is no other viable explanation. Example, why are they doing that? I dunno. Because redneck?


Redneck Jim goes fishing 🎣 #fyp MakeSomeoneSmile #DadsOfTikTok ShaveItOff #foryou #trending #fishing #bassfishing #adub

♬ original sound – A-Dub Fishing

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