Redneck Santa The Early Years

December 23, 2014 by 1 Comment

Redneck Santa The Early Years

Bet you didn’t know Santa was a son of the south. Yep, he’s redneck Santa, and now you know. How else do you think he’s creativ enough to get in your house?

Redneck Santa The Early Years, back when he was fit and trim, back before Mrs. Claus and elf pot pie, candies yams, fruitcake (yes, Santa’s the only person on earth who actually like fruitcake). Some may accuse Santa of looking at the world through rose color lenses, but here we can see that is not true, photos never lie.  He sees it through yellow lenses.  As you can see Santa also invented the modern mini cooper too.

Here is Redneck Santa, the Later Years for comparison

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