Redneck Pool Electric Grill

December 4, 2014 by No Comments

Redneck Pool Electric Grill image

Update! These are European Rednecks! Check those plugs, picture is from Europe, see image below!
What could go wrong? Ugh, a redneck pool electric grill. SMH. So who here knows that water and electricity are not friends? Because if it takes me telling you that this is a dangerous, lethal combination, then all may be lost for you anyway. I’ll cover it though: Never, ever, ever run an electrical cord into water for any reason. You and whoever else is in the water will die. Nobody wants that. Clear? Ok. So what these guys are portraying is an electric grill set up on a table above the water with an electrical cord running to if. Worse still is the cord runs to a power strip that is in the water supported by two floating sandals. The grill plugs into the power strip. This is a potential Darwin Award winner, and stupid, stupid, stupid! Kids do NOT try this at home!

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