Because Redneck Mustang

February 8, 2015 by No Comments

Because Redneck Mustang

Because Redneck Mustang, when a redneck can’t just have a mustang AND a 4×4.

Why not just have both together? Yep, take that classic mustang body and slap it on a Ranger 4×4 chassis, or commit serious blasphemy by using an S-10 chassis! Hell, whatever you got handy, that’s the way the average creative redneck sees it. Go mudding in style, rock crawling like a champ, and still get seen in a classic. Never mind that it has no real resale value, like a classic mustang would, what does that matter, right? Sell the classic mustang, buy a whole fleet of jeeps, but no, can’t do it, that’s for them there city folks.

Because redneck means that there simply is no other viable explanation. Example, why are they doing that? I dunno. Because redneck?

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