Because Redneck Mailbox Totally

February 12, 2015 by No Comments

Because Redneck Mailbox

Git the post down at the Home Depot, git a jar from the kitchin, git some of that there duck tape, and boom, redneck mailbox. In all seriousness, don’t use the duct tape and this here feller may be on to something. You can see if you have mail as you pull up, that’s an upside, the downside is so can everyone else. Another downside is there’s no door, which lets in weather, but without the door I don’t know if it’s technically stealing if someone takes your mail.
Because redneck means that there simply is no other viable explanation. Example, why are they doing that? I dunno. Because redneck?

Exciting Kitchen Items

Fire TV stick 4K ad image on the funny redneck mailbox image post


Who thinks I should bring back the OG mailbox tip?🤔 💨 #mailbox #dodge #cummims #smoke #ram2500 #redneck #bringbacknate

♬ redneck life v2 – Maddi

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