What redneck lotto winners buy

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Redneck lotto winners buy

redneck lotto winners buy

redneck lotto winners buy

What do redneck lotto winners buy? I’d guess a beer factory would lead the list, impractical as that may seem (super practical if you’re a redneck), but somewhere on down the line you’re likely to find a purchase like this. Maybe I’m being unfair to redneck lotto winners, maybe this guy is a chauffeur (spelled Chofer here in banjoland), but then again maybe not. This could well be the town mayor and his ride. Or maybe the governor of some impoverished state, like California. Or maybe a senator is visiting his mistress for some much needed lovin, after all these cousins ain’t made whoopee since the last family reunion. At any rate, there’s a reason rednecks get the shaft, and an image like this doesn’t help.

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