Redneck dream home

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Redneck dream home

Redneck dream home image, a converted holding tank.

Redneck Dream Home

I can see why one might be skeptical about this being a redneck dream home, after all, they are partial to mobile homes, right? Not so fast. This here domicile has a deck and an awning, like a mobile home. Not only that but it is sided in metal, like a mobile home, but there the similarities end. This is a circular former holding tank, like one used for oil or water, so I’m hoping they cleaned it out really good. Ir being circular means there will be big challenges within furnishing the structure, be it with sofas or kitchen counters and cabinets which are traditionally rectangular, but what redneck doesn’t love a challenge in creative thinking? Lastly this redneck dream home can probably be turned onto it’s side and rolled to a new location if need be. Try that with a mobile home!

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