Redneck Condo Community

December 13, 2014 by No Comments

Redneck Condo Community

Ever see a redneck condo community? Now you have…

Redneck Condo Community image

Redneck Condo Community

Rednecks are a creative bunch, and much of what they create can be hysterically funny, awe inspiring, sometimes plain silly, usually practical, sometimes dangerous, and almost always entertaining. This has a few of the above parameters. I think the redneck condo community or apartment complex, or elevated mobile home park, whatever you want to call it, is facinating. In an earthquake it could be dangerous, and in a tornado (remember the adage that God hates mobile homes?) it could be downright lethal. However I love this idea, mostly because it is as aesthetically pleasing as mobile homes could ever be, short of not existing, however since rednecks and trailers are synonymous, they aren’t going away. The one thing about living here that would suck is moving furniture or appliance in or out. And bringing in lots of groceries.
See, what work was done and monies spent to create the redneck condo community could well have been put towards a really nice large house or apartment building, so this leads me to believe this was created as some sort of gag.

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