Redneck Christmas Tree

December 23, 2014 by 1 Comment

That there is a Redneck Christmas Tree

I’m having a hard time believing this one. Sure, it looks like the work of rednecks, but I don’t see any PBR cans, it may be a fake. Oh, wait, there they are 🙂

This is supposed to be a redneck Christmas tree. The beers themselves are standard American fare for the most part, but the telling factor in determining if this was in fact was created by rednecks is the plastic lawn chair in the snow next the the beer can pyramid. That alone indicated that yes, this was in fact made by beer drinking rednecks. Lawn chairs like this get brittle over time, and more so in snow. Only a bona fide redneck would use such an item in the aid of his construct.

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