Redneck Christmas Greetings

December 18, 2014 by 1 Comment

Redneck Christmas Greetings

Redneck Christmas Greetings is the title, but there is so much wrong in this photo that I cannot find much of anything right in it to talk about. All yin, no yang. So, snow. In the south. It happens, I get it, but it’s not the norm so I’d imagine the vast majority of rednecks would stay indoors freezing their butts off. In swimsuits. See point above. Wearing sunglasses. At a pond, in the snow. The man is tubing in the cold pont, the lady lounging on the side as if it’s summer, and the boy is standing at the side, clearly cold, but the man and the lady look like there’s nothing unusual at all. up. Ah, one positive, they’re all wearing fur caps, Canadian style fur caps. Ah ha! That’s it! Canadian rednecks! Those are the only rednecks crazy enough to do something like this.


Suprise the family this year with a truly one of a kind Christmas card 😂 #redneck #redneckchristmas #funnychristmas #christmas #kileyphotography

♬ Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas – Christmas Party Allstars

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