Rapper Gee Dub

May 29, 2023 by No Comments

President 43 has a new gig

Gee Dub is back with a new gig! Yep, rapper Gee Dub still isn’t going quietly into the sunset.

Rapper Gee Dub reinvented himself. Good for him!
My name is Georgie
and I’m here to say
I’ll bet you all miss me
since I went away

The guy there now?
Yeah he ain’t much,
I’ll send him to the canvas
with a super throat punch

And while he there,
he best think about Vald,
that slavic fool’s an animal
you best not make him mad

And more on Vlad
Yeah he’s a man,
he ain’t no goofy Romney
with an oompa loompa tan

Yeah I’m still here
just watchin you flail
but what I really hope
is you don’t let our country fail.

Peace out.

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