A Very Merry Picard Christmas

December 15, 2014 by 1 Comment

Picard Christmas

Jean Luc Picard Christmas meme, ah Jean Luc, you tell it like it is, even in the 24th century. Interestingly there was a segment of one of the Star Trek movies where Picard is celebrating Christmas in an old fashioned way via a time/space anomaly, (the ribbon?), so yeah, they apparently do still celebrate it in the future.

And per this meme, where ARE all the people who get offended when someone says Merry Christmas? I think the media blows it way out of proportion. I have myself watched pagans bemoan the fact that their Christmas’s will have few if any gifts, which always strikes me as a little odd. At any rate, this isn’t a religion site, but a humor site, and this meme is funny.

Another Next Generation oddity: Jean Luc Picard is a Frenchman, but speaks with a British accent. Why? This never was explained.


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