Gayngsta Oh wow, gayngsta made me laugh much harder than it should have. The pose and the caption could not have been any more perfect for each other. Was he born this way, or is he a product of his environment? This is obviously captured at a party (see the red solo cups?) so he could … Read more

Two Dogs Dining

Two Dogs Dining Two dogs dining at a busy restaurant is the name of the video, but clearly these pooches are in someones kitchen. Cute dogs, being pretty patient, what, with a whole plate of food before them. Heck, no one could even keep me out of the plate that long! There have been a … Read more

Blonde Jokes Weekly 10

Blonde Jokes Weekly 10 So what’s new with you? Oh, yes, this is Blonde Jokes Weekly 10, our tenth attempt at making Mondays not so sucky for you folks out there in office land. What’s new with us? Not much, we’re just working on getting a few more websites running. Normally I prep these days … Read more

Because Redneck Mustang

Because Redneck Mustang Because Redneck Mustang, when a redneck can’t just have a mustang AND a 4×4. Why not just have both together? Yep, take that classic mustang body and slap it on a Ranger 4×4 chassis, or commit serious blasphemy by using an S-10 chassis! Hell, whatever you got handy, that’s the way the average … Read more

How I Look Driving

How I Look Driving Meme, how many people think they look driving and how they really look. Thinking they’re looking all cool when it fact they are poster children foe dweebs everywhere. And why, I may ask? Does it really make a difference? A hundred years from now will people still talk about how cool … Read more

Justin being Justin BW

Justin being Justin BW This is the black and white olde tyme version, named Justin being Justin BW. This is Justin over at our house in Claremont a few years ago, geez, 2008, so a while ago. He out of no where just started doing the midget dance on the table. Funny man he is. … Read more

Justin being Justin

Justin being Justin I have imported this, Justin being Justin, over from our site (, its original home, since Laughshop is more the site for the funny stuff and YoureOn tends to be a little more serious in nature. Plus I didn’t want to upload it a second time wasting web storage space. Anyway, … Read more