Mustache Fail

Mustache Fail If ever there was a mustache fail, this is it. Wft are you thinking?!? You know, even with a regular mustache, or whatever preceded this abomination, this guy isn’t a lady killer. Or maybe he literally is.  

Real Yawner

Real Yawner To be fair it is Oregon, so if you’re a big city person you may find the entire thing a real yawner.  On the other hand boring is in the eye of the beholder. Greenery and rain your ideal of a good time? Then here you go. Could this be the retirement home … Read more

Blonde Jokes Weekly 12

Blonde Jokes Weekly 12 Welcome to the Blonde Jokes Weekly 12 page. This is the completion of 3 months of weekly blonde jokes, which are posted every Monday. We all know how much Mondays blow, so we post the blonde jokes to help start the day and week in a little lighter mindset. Right off the … Read more

Walmart Clown Commercial

Walmart Clown Commercial This is a very funny Walmart clown commercial, where the ladies are talking about having saved a tron of money shopping at Walmart, enough to pay for a clown outfit. Things go terribly wrong when the clown jumps on top of a metal Unicorn.

Gift for Daddy

Gift for Daddy- Give him what which is taboo and illegal in at least 40 states, a gift for daddy that will have him (and maybe you too) in jail for years to come. Seriously shaking our heads here. Apparently it’s okay in Georgia though, hmmm. I wonder if Rick Grimes and his crew passed … Read more

Underwear Party

Underwear Party This Carls Jr. commercial for their breakfast biscuits with home made Hardees biscuits is funny! It has a man from the old south appearing at a California beach, and he asks the question regarding the swimwear, “Is this some sort of underwear party?” I could not find this excellent piece anywhere, but luckily had … Read more

To Acronym or Not

To Acronym or Not Generally speaking, if you have an acronym, each letter demotes something. Example: MASH, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. On this sign they were either super lazy that day, or they don’t understand the concept of using acronyms.