Grilling Pug

Grilling Pug Do you grill, aka bbq (there is a difference, btw) every chance you get? So does the Grilling Pug!The only question? Licked or lick free? “Not licked” “Right” says pug, “Licked it is!”

Shout Out To Our Sister Site RadioKahuna

Shout Out To Our Sister Site RadioKahuna Listen to ‪#‎radiokahuna‬ Today! Love great music? Maybe you’ll like RadioKahuna, where you can listen 24/7 on any device! You can even join the community, and all of this is free! Listen at Visit the site at And above all, share the heck out of it! … Read more

Bold Deer Tired Hunter

Bold Deer Tired Hunter This is either a bold deer, tired hunter, or a little of both. I guess I’m wondering, who is shooting the pictures, and why didn’t they alert either parties? Maybe there’s a wise old native saying like “He who doesn’t sleep well before the hunt goes hungry after” or something like … Read more

Google Tricks

Google Tricks This is an image of a pint out of various google tricks. I tried some, they did work, but not all of them. Let us know if you know any other google tricks and tips!

Bit Stressed

Bit Stressed Why yes, I am a bit stressed, lol. The last two weeks have had me like this, and the next two look no better…  

Quick Weekends

Quick Weekends

Quick Weekends
Quick Weekends

I have so grown to despise Mondays. Quick Weekends, do you know what I’m saying? I’m in favor of all weekends being 3 day weekends. first candidate that states they will do that, I’m all in.