Overly Attached Girl on Breathing

January 16, 2015 by No Comments

Overly Attached Girl Ringtone

What is more frightening, being single, or this? Overly Attached Girl, I think, by a long shot.

You’ve seen her around the internet, unless you’ve been living in a hole somewhere. There’s just nothing more scary than being stalked night and day. However, as I understand it, the girl who was used as the girl, the subject of this meme, embraced her new found internet celebrity with aplomb, and has been using said celebrity for charity work. I think that’s fantastic! However, the meme is still very, very creepy. You know, you can make your own meme with this girls photo online, just search the net using the term at the title and several meme makers will come up. On some browsers this particular meme is animated, but most memes are not.

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