Oh that guy voted

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That Voting Guy

Oh that guy voted

Oh that guy voted

Good for him. The person has spoken. When you get right down to it, all businesses in a sense are popularity contests. Who ever is most popular has the most in sales, right? So these folks spoof the process with the Voted Best By Some Guy sign. Oh that guy voted, huh? I’ll bet it is effective, makes a few people chuckle, it is memorable, but what if somebody demands a recount? Or what if the vote’s name is S.O. meguy? could happen. At any rate we don’t know the name of the business, so we can’t send our panel of culinary experts in to try it out. Segue…
Hey, we’re open to traveling and trying out places to eat. Just let us know. We’ll give an honest opinion and feature you on our show if it’s good. That would be the Naked Radio Show. If you read this in the distant future and that show no longer exists, well, sorry, lol.


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