No can has cheezburger

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No cheezburger here

No can has cheezburger

No can has cheezburger

No can haz cheezburger you stupid cat. Beginning in 2007 the lolcats fad started, and part of that is the I Can Has Cheezburger? cat meme. In fact meme’s didn’t even exist for several more years, so it was just the cats and captions. This has evolved into other animals on the icanhaschezeburger site. The readers of the site generate the content, simple enough. But apparently someone at Mickey DD’s is fed up with the whole thing, as seen in this sign.  What sis the I can has cheezburger thing ever do to him (aside from his job being as a cheeseburger purveyor) to make him go all no can has cheezburger? We may never know…

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