Niche Service Cleaning so you don’t have to

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Niche Service

This is definitely a niche service that brings up some stiff questions. Does it come with a happy ending? Is there big money to be made? Some body gets the shaft, is it the customer or the technician? Does “keep up the good work” mean something entirely different?
I can hear their radio jingle now. “Call 1 800 weenie scrub/and we’ll leave the filth/in the tub.”

Exciting Kitchen Items


5 Things to know when starting a your cleaning service ✅ Know your niche Make sure to let clients know what type of cleaning your offer. ✅ Have a plan Have a mission statement. This will help with the purpose of your company, stay focused and achieve your goals. ✅ Have a marketing plan and a web presence. Make sure you create marketing tactics that are producing results also create websites that clients can easily locate and connect to. ✅ Don’t over spend on things you don’t need Make sure to invest in equipment, and supplies. Invest in webinars, ebooks or seminars to gain more guidance and training ✅ Make sure you’re bidding to make a profit don’t underbid to get a client in order to keep your business going you have to make a profit

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