Memorial Day Weekend Rain

May 22, 2019 by No Comments

Memorial Day Weekend Rain

Memorial Day Weekend Rain. It does seem like it rains a lot of memorial days, doesn’t it? Weird. However, AI says this: No, it does not always rain on Memorial Day. The weather on Memorial Day, like any other day, varies by year and location. While some areas might experience rain on Memorial Day in certain years, others might have sunny or cloudy weather. It’s a common anecdote or joke in some places that it seems to rain on certain holidays or events, but there’s no meteorological reason for rain to specifically target Memorial Day or any other holiday. Always check the local forecast for the most accurate information about upcoming weather conditions.


Memorial Weekend Cookout and it’s torrential rain outdoors. #fyp #rain #cookout #outdoors #overhang #memorialdayweekend

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