Maple Kind Talking Dog

Maple Kind Talking Dog

If you haven’t seen the maple kind talking dog, a hapless dog being teased about food, “What was in there?” and “the maple kind, yeah,” it has been gaining almost cult like status. Well you’re in luck, because here it is.

Maple Kind Talking Dog
Maple Kind Talking Dog

Here’s how to make a video like the maple kind talking dog.
I have sat and wondered how this was done, and once I figured it out I tried to get video of my dogs to do something similar. Problem is my dogs a) don’t talk, and b) are camera shy.
Seriously, if you want to do something like this, video tape your dog for a good long time. Interact with the dog, maybe you’ll get something good. Try a little peanut butter to get the dog to become mouth active.  Problem with peanut butter is that dogs tend to do a lot of tongue-sticking-out stuff.
Now delete the sound track and watch what you recorded, get ideas that may fit the scene, try them out by recording them either with the video, or onto a small handheld recorder. Or maybe using your cell phones recording feature.
Now re-record the sound track onto the video. There are several programs that can do this, from Corel and ulead, or you can record it with Audacity or WavePad, or even for posterity on a hand held recorder then transfer it to your computer, then add it. However you do it, the timing and speed must match!
In this one, the man was clever enough to have natural ambient sounds in the background, which adds to the realism.
Odds are you won’t come up with anything as classic as this video, but you never know!
By the way, I hear the maple kind talking dog is considering a run for President, but I think he may be Canadian.

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