Justin being Justin both versions

Justin being Justin

I have imported this, Justin being Justin, over from our YoureOn.net site (http://YoureOn.net), its original home, since Laughshop is more the site for the funny stuff and YoureOn tends to be a little more serious in nature. This is the black and white version.


Plus I didn’t want to upload it a second time wasting web storage space. Anyway, this we as part of Claranormal filmed back in 2008 when Justin was visiting us in Claremont. There is also a black and white olde tyme verision that we import as well later. Justin’s family for all intents and purposes, with a great heart and a wonderful sense of humor. He is currently working as a paramedic out in Los Angeles, and they even let him drive sometimes. I have seen him drive, it is scary! Anyway, enjoy!


And this is the color version of Justin being Justin.

Exciting Kitchen Items

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