Introverts Unite

January 23, 2015 by No Comments

Introverts Unite

A lot of people can certainly relate to this shirt, Introverts Unite – We’re here, we’re uncomfortable and we want to go home!

Me, an introvert? Yep, and strange situations make me uncomfortable 😀

But you seem so extroverted? Yeah, I’ve heard that, and it takes an enormous amount of energy for an introvert to do that, and we can usually hardly wait to get back in the confines of our comfort zone.
I suppose if these folks made one for pyros it would say Pyromaniacs Ignite. Let’s hope that never happens.

Introverts Unite! You can get this shirt here. It’s not from us, but I thought I’d promote it for them since it made me snicker. Alright, I tittered, okay?

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