I have reservations – I’ll Pass on this

December 27, 2014 by 1 Comment

I have reservations – I’ll Pass

I have Reservations. Not to eat here, but about eating at a placed named this. Fatal Restaurant? Yikes! How about Soylent Green? Or maybe Eat Me. Bite Me. You’re For Dinner? Sit Down, Shut Up And Eat?

If dinner was free, and the meal could, but not necessarily would, prove fatal, would you eat it? I wouldn’t, I’d zip down the road to Del Taco and eat til full for relatively little money and the odds of me dying from the meal would be almost nil. This restaurant has the word Fatal right in the name, but I’m sure that’s a word that has a slightly different meaning where ever this is in the world than it would in somewhere like L.A.

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A #Subway in #Georgia is facing backlash after a picture of their sign referring to the #Titan implosion goes viral.

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